Field trips


One day intra-meeting field trips are included in the program to visit fault scarps related to the San Ramón and Cariño Botado thust fault systems, tectonic geomorphology and active tectonics of the Andes Cordillera, and paleotsunami record along coastal central Chile.

Additionally, the 2024 PATA workshop includes two optional pre-meeting and post-meeting fieldtrips to visit historical and prehistorical coastal records of large tsunamigenic megathrusts and upper-plate fault activity.

Optional post-meeting fieldtrip / October 12-14, 2024: “The Active Andean Orogenic Front at the Precordillera FTB, Argentina”.

  • Quaternary geomorphology and tectonics across the Andes of Chile and Argentina
  • Exposures of Quaternary-active thrusts of the frontal deformation zone in Mendoza region


Optional pre-meeting fieldtrip / October 3-6, 2024: “Subduction earthquake processes, near surface ruptures and Quaternary landscape evolution in the northern Chilean forearc”

  • Geoarchaeological records of large historic and prehistoric subduction earthquakes and tsunamis
  • Historical tsunami sites and impact of the last Mw 8.8 1877 earthquake
  • Earthquake and coastal uplifting in the Mejillones Peninsula
  • Quaternary upper plate fault activity
  • Coseismic cracks during subduction earthquakes
  • Surface processes in the most hyperarid desert on Earth


Important logistic information for post-conference fieldtrip

The post-conference fieldtrip will start on October 12 from Termas del Corazón and will end on October 14 in Santiago. The nights from October 11 to 14 (three nights), will be provided and included in the post conference meeting fee. On October 14, early in the morning, we will return from Mendoza region to Santiago.
Please, check your passport and Visas for Chile and Argentina.”


Important logistic information for pre-conference fieldtrip

The pre-conference fieldtrip will start early morning on October 3 from Antofagasta and will end on October 5 late in the afternoon in Iquique. Accommodation during the nights from October 3 to 6 will be considered. On October 6, early in the morning, we will return with the trucks and by bus from Iquique to Antofagasta (5-6 hrs by car). So, it is highly recommended to take fly tickets from Iquique to Santiago on October 6, in the morning, or, alternatively, from Antofagasta airport (after 16 hrs) to Santiago.